A gift box celebrating proud Lake Minnetonka Area businesses.

That's a good thing, don't cha know!

A Simple Purpose

Create an unforgettable gifting experience unique to the Lake Minnetonka area.  One that highlights the treasured businesses in our communities and has a little fun along the way.  

We thoughtfully curate items meant to excite your taste buds, adorn your home or cabin, and spread some Minnesota Nice.  We’re local folks who love our culture and want a thriving local economy.  Learn more ABOUT US and why we created the Tonka Box.

How it works

Pick It

Select the Box that meets your needs and proceed to checkout

Ship It

The hardest part... waiting for it to arrive. We ship quickly so it can be enjoyed ASAP!

Enjoy It

Everyone loves getting a gift box. Open it up and let the happiness flow.